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Events By Chrissie Sue
q & A
(Answered by Owner, Chrissie SUe)

What makes a good Event Planner?

A professional Wedding & Event Planner, such as myself, listens to each client's needs and budget.  We conceptualize based on the information gathered, are capable of designing, planning and executing based on the vision of each individual client creating customized memories to last a lifetime.


How is a Event Planner different from an event specialist?

As an Event Planner, I oversee the entire operation, logistics and execution of each event.  I have significantly more interaction with the clients and vendor teams than that of an event specialist assigned through the contracted venue.  We work collectively together, as their role is more specific to the operation of the venue itself.


How should an Event Planner be able to narrow down vendors, to best fit the couple/client?

My goal as an Event Planner is to understand each client's needs on an individual basis. I streamline the decision process while confidently building a trustworthy team.  This allows me to utilize my vast network of suppliers that can provide the best possible service based on the style and budget for each unique event.


What is taken off the plate of the couple/client, if they hire an Event Planner?

In my opinion, an Event Planner’s role is to organize, meet deadlines, follow budgetary needs, and develop a cohesive plan.  This allows the couple to focus on their daily tasks without adding another element to their plate. The time it takes to conceptualize, plan and execute an event is often overlooked by wedding couples, and the stress in and of itself can make the process less enjoyable without professional assistance.


What is the difference between hiring a professional vs a family friend?

Hiring a professional Event Planner in my opinion is the better option for the following reasons:

  1. A professional Event Planner is someone who can objectively make quick decisions and develop unique solutions based on their years of experience and network.

  2.  My knowledge of suppliers, vendors, venues, and overall experience will make your planning process a more efficient one. 

  3.  A professional Event Planner can handle the logistics aspect of an event, which is often overlooked; especially in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the  wedding day.   

  4. It allows this “family friend” to be a guest at the affair.


How can a professional Event Planner keep a couple/client within their budget?

Most couples are in the dark when it comes to the logistics and budget to create a wedding they have seen on social media. As there are many vendors within this industry and an Event Planner has the knowledge and know how to navigate the different price points, pricing tiers, and qualities of service out there.    We provide documentation, tracking, and accountability for all aspects of expenditures allowing proper budgetary management along the way.


How far in advance should a couple/client reach out to a professional Event Planner?

At Events By Chrissie Sue, my LUXE package is commonly booked 12-14 months prior to an event and my ELITE package is commonly booked 6-8 months prior to an event. 


Most wedding planners offer different service packages based on customers' needs.  Events By Chrissie Sue provides a range of scope with different levels of involvement throughout the event planning and design process.


 Our full planning and design service is called LUXE which provides a completely stress free, turnkey planning and design experience leaving all the planning and design to us.  Guided by intention and supported by organization, we customize each event, ensuring alignment of our clients desire with that of their guests overall experience.   


Our second tier is our ELITE service.  This is a collaborative management and styling service also known in the industry as partial planning and design.  What that means is that the couple has already secured their venue and “some” key suppliers yet are seeking professional reinforcement because they no longer have the time and or resources without guidance to secure the remaining vendors needed. Our hosts will have full engagement with their contracted vendors but require professional assistance to pull it all together and cohesively style their event. This service also provides month-of-event direction.

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